Isaac Matthew



A few weeks ago our friends, Leah and Matt, became proud new parents of baby Isaac and I was fortunate enough to photograph their little bundle of joy at only nine days old. He was so tiny but such a trooper. As long as he was warm he was pretty happy to be my little model for the afternoon.

Here are some shots from the day. Congratulations again Leah and Matt xx




Welcome to my blog!

It has taken me four years to get my act together but finally, with the help of my wonderful friend Josh of Headlite Technologies, it’s here and I could not be more excited to show some of my recent work!


I wanted to mark this very important occasion with a post featuring a very special someone in my life…Henry (my full-of-personality Cavoodle). Henry is by far my favourite subject and so patient with me, constantly stalking him with the camera! As you will see in ongoing posts he is quite a little poser.

Jo xx